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Are you looking to host a true Old Town Wedding?

Our Brick walls and pavements, lanterns and string lights located in our one of a kind Courtyard can bring your vision to life. At The Alexandrian we believe Weddings should be more than a one night celebration. Your Wedding should be a customizable experience that will not only welcome guests to one the most monumental moments of your life, but captivate the heart and soul of the city in which you decide to make your commitment to love.

Although we are all adapting to this new way of life, The Alexandrian has made its own commitment to love by keeping the spirit of weddings and celebrations alive.

What Does Our Commitment To Love Look Like?

1. Providing a Space That is Ready to Celebrate!

The Alexandrian’s Old Town charm already speaks for itself. Finding a space where you feel as though you do not have to do a lot can provide some relief during planning. Our Courtyard and Old Town Ballroom lures guests with its simplicity and warmness. Lush florals and soft candle’s is all you need to bring your celebration to life.

2. Customizable Packages

On the fence about whether or not to host your 100-person wedding this year? Debating if you could be a bride with a smaller guest count? At The Alexandrian we are here to serve you with a range of packages that could accommodate your choice and most importantly leaving you feeling confident that regardless, you did it with style.

3. Commitment to Clean

Although your guests may be unsure if they want to travel right now, The Alexandrian has not only made its commitment to love but to Clean. As a part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection, The Alexandrian has specific cleaning regimens to ensure your event and guests stay is safe. At The Alexandrian cleanliness and safety are held at the utmost highest standard and priority. Providing your guests with this information may provide some relief and assurance when traveling for your special day. Learn more about our Commitment to Clean here.

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